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Working out career frustrations

Working out career frustrations...I am the lowest paid person on my team and I helped a co worker with three "projects". He was let go for something unrelated so I asked a supervisor to allow me to complete the projects as I already know what is going on but was told that we needed to save other team members from being fired because my numbers exceed my pay rate already and they are "struggling". OK...maybe I want a BIGGER damn pay check, ******. So today the one who got the projects and closed them was parading around like she did all the damned work and she didn't do shyt. I did it and I could have had two more on Monday which would have looked REALLY good. So in essence...I'm venting.

Are you kidding with your "victory"
The two you claim without shame
Saying you are "all in"
You just want to win

Overcoming not accomplished
Claiming someone else's hard work
Makes no sense to me
Definitely lacks integrity

He did the work with me
Flawlessly, then it was gifted to you
Because he got fired
Now you want to be admired

Everything is handed to you
Blond hair and blue eyes, crocodile tears
You won't get my precious vote
Work for your inflated pay note

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